About this cause

Jean Paul Coffy

This website is dedicated to aiding the search for the relatives of the Ajanaku-Coffy family in Haiti following the recent earthquake. Ever since the earthquake brought telephone and internet communication with Haiti to a virtual halt, family and friends in the U.S. have been anxiously awaiting news from the parents of Coffy and his five brothers; nobody knows what has become of them. In Chicago, Coffy, his wife Yakini, their children Akin and Ade, and Grandma hope and pray for a phone call, an email, or any news of their family in Haiti.

With the worldwide relief effort still offering little news or hope, Coffy, in desperation, finally did the only thing left do: he took the next flight to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, hoping to make his away West across the Dominican Republic, across the border with Haiti, and into the coastal city of Port au Prince, Haiti.

The Ajanaku-Coffy family in Chicago is important to the lives of many, and it pains all who know them see them suffer. In this little corner of the internet, we hope to do our part in making Coffy's search successful. With the devastation brought by the earthquake, food and clean water scarce in Haiti, as are medical supplies and transportation. From this website, we will give some background, maintain a blog documenting Coffy's search, and conduct an effort to raise money through donations to fund both Coffy's search and his ability to help others in need.

Reserve Coffy, Jean Paul's father

Zilania Joassaint, Jean Paul's mother