Who is Coffy?
Years ago, Coffy and his family moved to Chicago from Haiti. Coffy was
already a successful, gifted musician and he and his wife, Yakini,
have since become highly-trained and innovative daycare providers.
They currently run a very successful, fun, quickly growing daycare in
Chicago, called "La Grande Famille".

What will my donation be used for?
Jean Paul Coffy (or Coffy as we call him) and members of
the Ajanaku-Coffy have an immediate need to locate, aid, and rescue
their family members in Haiti. Coffy has left his home in Chicago and
is in Haiti right now. He's in need of basic supplies while he
searches for family and friends and helps others in desperate
circumstances: food, clean water, transportation, and medical
supplies. We currently collect donations via PayPal and wire the money
to him in Haiti. Those of us involved in organizing are volunteers, so
the only overhead is a 3% surcharge by PayPal. The transfer fee to
Haiti, as of 1/20/2010 has been waived by Western Union. Thus, 97% of
each donation is given directly to Coffy. In the long-term, we hope
this effort will grow to aid in the rebuilding effort.

What is the status of this effort as "non-profit"?
This project began shortly after the earthquake in Haiti, and we
have not taken the necessary steps to have non-profit status conferred
on us. As this movement grows and we turn our attention toward
long-term efforts to help rebuild Haiti, we hope to make it possible
to write-off donations to this project as one would donations to