Although we are just at the beginning of our journey to help our family in Haiti and (in the longer term) helping Haiti help itself, we already feel in debt to so many people who reached out and supported us. This is not by any means a complete list.

Every parent of La Grande Famille, WITHOUT HESITATION, reached out in their own way: be it a donation, a kind gesture, or even a warm smile. Since the crisis, each and everyone one of you have shown sincere concern, inquiring about Coffy and his families whereabouts everyday.

The staff have been amazingly supportive in every way imaginable. Brittany will be staying here until Coffy returns; Chantal bought lovely flowers for me today. A colleague of mine Ms. Robin Hawkins in the daycare network donated one of her staff named Paola to help Marta and myself in the daycare from 8-10. Marta helped with lunch, and told me everyday that everything is going to be fine. Ms. Gloria is on standby just in case I need anything. Marissa has never missed a beat, and Angie, our lunch relief, is always here with high spirits.

My sister Mary has volunteered to take Akin to school in the morning and to help out in the daycare. We have failed to mention though that her father, Claude Nady, is currently missing in Haiti. We hope it turns out well.

Grandma has come to help in the daycare also, when her strength allows her to. Akin promises to be the man of the house, taking out the trash and making sure "all the doors are locked at night." And finally Pelle seems to provide comfort and joy to our family when we need it most.

Its amazing how in crisis, one can measure their strength. And I feel very strong with all of you and my family around.

The parents of La Grande Famille are amazed by the way the daycare keeps operating smoothly and never skipped a beat. We know that everybody is doing above and beyond these days to make sure the kids aren't affected (though they all miss Coffy and wish he came back!) and we really appreciate it.

Ryan Rozenberg, our loved "manny" who used to babysit Akin, has volontered his time to cook lunch for La Grand Famille daycare.

Our dear neighbor, Dr. Linda E. Thomas, organized a fund raiser in our behalf titled "Am I my neighbor's keeper? --yes i am!", and raised $225.

We thank the many individuals, family, neighbors, friends, friends of friends, friends-of-friends-of-friends and complete strangers who made donations either in person or online. We thank each and every one of you.